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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 6

of their scripts, it seems appropriate to make this volume of counsels generally available through a new edition, which is now issued as a permanent publication.

The reader will observe that certain of these messages speak plainly of detrimental policies and of dangers which have threatened the work. Specific publications are referred to and publishing houses named. These counsels have been a source of guidance in the work of the past, and their inclusion here should not be construed to constitute a condemnation or criticism of these publications and publishing houses today, but, rather, as cautions against a repetition of former mistakes. Some journals are mentioned which are not now issued. As an aid to the reader in identifying these, footnotes have been appended. The fields which they served are now cared for by other publications. The principles set forth are, however, unchanging, and they serve as a guide today.

In this second edition there has been added a few articles broadening the scope to better fit the needs of the larger group to which the volume is now being released, and there has been some rearrangement of the articles.

To give the reader a better understanding of the setting of the messages presented, the date of writing or first publication is noted. In the case of material drawn from the E. G. White manuscript files, the year of writing forms a part of the source credit. The publication date appears as a part of the reference to excerpts from periodical articles. In the case of selections drawn from the standard books, the

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