Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 12

Wisdom from Above—Men are wanted who feel their need of wisdom from above, men who are converted at heart, who understand that they are but sinful mortals and must learn their lessons in the school of Christ before they are prepared to mold other minds. When men have learned to depend on God, when they have faith that works by love, and purifies their own souls, then they will not lay on other men's shoulders burdens that are grievous to be borne.—Letter 83, 1896 (May 22, 1896, To O. A. Olsen).

Haphazard Leadership—You love praise and excitement and to bring yourself to the front. You care far more for the approbation and praise of men than for the approval of God. You lead others. They do not know where you are leading them neither do you, because you go on haphazard, heedless, impulsive, without sound judgment, or heavenly wisdom. God has warned you. God has counseled you. Have you trembled at His word? Have you resisted temptations? Have you separated yourself more and from worldly influences?—Letter 3, 1882, p. 3 (April 1, 1882).

God Exalts the Humble—He is most fit to carry responsibilities and command who most resembles God in character,—in goodness, mercy, and staunch loyalty to the cause and work of God. Every one needs now to work for brother, for friend, for neighbor, and for stranger, drawing the mind away from the discouragements that will crowd in. The truth is to be magnified. We must not be surprised at strange movements. No one must seek exaltation. The more humbly we move and work, the more will we be exalted with God. The return of Jesus Christ to our world will not be long delayed. This is to be the keynote of every message.—Letter 39, 1898, p. 13 (March 27, 1898 to Brethren Woods and Miller).

Time For a Change—There is much for men in responsible positions to learn. When men feel that their ideas are without a flaw, it is time for them to change their position from president to that of a learner. When they think that their ideas, their judgment, should be accepted without question, they show that they are unfit for their position. God sees not as man sees. Whatever position a man may be called to fill, his judgment is not to be regarded as unerring. His entrusted responsibility makes it far more needful than it otherwise

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