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Christian Leadership, Page 15


What Moral Courage Cost Some Men—Anyone who has had courage—moral courage to call these things by their right name, and who has refused to be drawn into the net spread for the unwary, who would not be robbed without making a protest, were not looked upon with favor by those with whom they disagreed. Members of councils and boards who would not uphold exaction and double-dealing, but who took a firm stand for the right, were not invited to be present at the meetings where these plans were discussed.—Letter 4, 1896, pp. 13, 15, 16 (July 1, 1896 To Men in Responsible Positions). ChL 15.1

The Cost of Sharp Devising—Let us remember that variance and sharp dealing never serve the cause to enrich God's institutions. By His providences God takes away the money gained by sharp devices. Always by sharp practice dissatisfaction and disunion are created. Lack of confidence comes in. There is a constant impression that someone is trying to get the best of someone else in trade. There are those who try to make terms that are not just and righteous, because they think they can do this, and they will do it. Let the wrong principles which have been coming in for years now be cut out by the roots. Let brotherly love prevail. Those who think by sharp practice and worldly policy to get gain for the cause do not glorify God. He will not accept a jot or tittle of such offerings. God hates all such demonstrations.—Manuscript 16, 1901, p. 14 (February 25, 1901 Testimony to the Battle Creek Church). ChL 15.2

Position Does Not Make the Man—But the position does not make the man. It is the integrity of character, the spirit of Christ, that makes him thankful, unselfish, without partiality and without hypocrisy—it is this that is of value with God. To those whose life is hid with Christ in God, the Lord says, “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of My hands; thy walls are continually before Me.” ChL 15.3

For all in responsible positions I have a message spoken by the mouth of the Lord—the fifty-fifth chapter of Isaiah. Study this chapter, and let not any human being consider that he is above his fellow workers because greater responsibilities are involved in his ChL 15.4

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