Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 25

Individual Methods of Labor—The leaders among God's people are to guard against the danger of condemning the methods of individual workers who are led by the Lord to do a special work that but few are fitted to do. Let brethren in responsibility be slow to criticize movements that are not in perfect harmony with their methods of labor. Let them never suppose that every plan should reflect their own personality. Let them not fear to trust another's methods; for by withholding their confidence from a brother laborer who, with humility and consecrated zeal, is doing a special work in God's appointed way, they are retarding the advancement of the Lord's cause.—Testimonies for the Church 9:259.

Broad Ideas and Views—I have a message to bear to some who hold positions of responsibility in the Southern California Conference. They have lost from their experience that true fervor which the presence of the Holy Spirit gives, and which would teach them to subdue self and walk humbly in the way of Christ. The responsible worker who will not become a humble follower of Christ will do great harm to the cause of God, by molding and fashioning the experience of the conference to a common, cheap standard. The sacred work that we handle will never, if performed in a spirit of consecration, cheapen the experience of a single soul.

That man is unfit to be the president of a conference or a leader among God's people who has not broad ideas and views. It is the privilege and duty of those who bear responsibilities in the cause to become learners in Christ's school. The professed follower of Christ must not follow the dictates of his own will; his mind must be trained to think Christ's thoughts, and enlightened to comprehend the will and way of God. Such a believer will be a learner of Christ's methods of work.—Letter 276, 1907, pp. 1, 2 (September 5, 1907 to J. A. Burden).

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