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Christian Leadership, Page 36

Not to Control Other Men's Lives

Reveal God's Love—We must not strive to mold people to our own ideas and inclinations and practices. By unselfish, consecrated lives, through the power of the Holy Spirit working on our minds, we are to reveal, not our own ways and wills, but the power of the love of Him who gave Himself for us that we should be drawn out of and away from our own traits of character to the perfection of Christ's character. He died that we should cultivate the attributes of his character, and elevate, purify and gladden the hearts and lives of others.—Letter 2, 1898, pp. 1, 2 (March 17, 1898, to Leading Men in Our Churches). ChL 36.1

Sensitive and sympathetic—There are men, better, far better calculated to till the soil than to deal with human minds; they are not sensitive nor sympathetic. Those who would do the best and highest service for Jesus Christ must copy the Pattern in all their associations in business deals, and in spiritual things. God sees as men do not, the result of this hardness of heart toward one another and it is an offense to Him and dishonors His Holy Name.—Letter 16d, 1892, p. 3 (May 7, 1892, to Brother Haskell). ChL 36.2

Molding Other Men's Minds—How my heart aches to see presidents of conferences taking the burden of selecting those whom they think they can mold to work with them in the field. They take those who will not differ with them, but will act like mere machines. No president has any right to do this. Leave others to plan; and if they fail in some things, do not take it as an evidence that they are unfitted to be thinkers. Our most responsible men had to learn by a long discipline how to use their judgment.—Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 304. ChL 36.3

God is Willing to Teach Others—The idea that one man's mind and judgment can mold and direct important interests, and that he can be regarded as a voice for the people, is a great evil, and has, and still continues to endanger the one who is placed in a position of responsibility, and those also who cooperate with him. God has not given to any one man all the wisdom, and wisdom will not die with him. Those placed in positions of trust should modestly regard the ChL 36.4

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