Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 41

No One Man to Control—In counseling for the advancement of the work, no one man is to be a controlling power, a voice for the whole. Proposed methods and plans are to be carefully considered, so that all the brethren may weigh their relative merits and decide which should be followed. In studying the fields to which duty seems to call us, it is well to take into account the difficulties that will be encountered in these fields.—Testimonies for the Church 7:259.

Draw Closer Together in Councils—As brethren located where you must be more or less connected, you must draw closer together in your councils, in your association, in spirit, and in all your works. One man among you is not to be made the counselor for all.—Letter 49, 1897 (September 1897, Workers in our Institutions).

Responsibilities Divided—God's service is not committed to one man's judgment and option, but is divided among those who are found willing to labor interestedly and self-sacrificingly. Thus all, according to the skill and ability God has given them, bear the responsibilities that He has appointed to them.

The important interests of a great nation were entrusted to men whose talents fitted them to handle these responsibilities. Some were chosen to direct the business affairs; others were chosen to look after spiritual matters connected with the worship of God. All the religious service and every branch of the business was to bear the signature of heaven. “Holiness unto the Lord” was to be the motto of the laborers in every department. It was regarded as essential that everything be conducted with regularity, propriety, fidelity, and dispatch.—Manuscript 81, 1900, p. 6 (Diary, Solomon's Reign).

No One Mind Equal to Conference Management—When a worker is selected for the presidency of a conference, that office of itself does not bring to him power of capability that he did not have before.

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