Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 43


Place Responsibility on Others—Leading men should place responsibilities upon others, and allow them to plan and devise and execute, so that they may obtain an experience. Give them a word of counsel when necessary, but do not take away the work because you think the brethren are making mistakes. May God pity the cause when one man's mind and one man's plan is followed without question. God would not be honored should such a state of things exist. All our workers must have room to exercise their own judgment and discretion. God has given men talents which He means that they should use. He has given them minds, and He means that they should become thinkers, and do their own thinking and planning, rather than depend upon others to think for them. ChL 43.1

I think I have laid out this matter many times before you, but I see no change in your actions. We want every responsible man to drop responsibilities upon others. Set others at work that will require them to plan, and to use judgment. Do not educate them to rely upon your judgment. Young men must be trained up to be thinkers. My brethren, do not for a moment think that your way is perfection, and that those who are connected with you must be your shadows, must echo your words, repeat your ideas, and execute your plans.—Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 302, 303. ChL 43.2

Look to God Not Man—I had a long talk with Brother Bell. I told him many things. I tried to place before him where everyone of our leading men had made a mistake and hindered the work they were so desirous to advance. Each one thought that he was the very one who must bear all the responsibilities, and they spread over too much ground and failed to educate others to think, to act, to be care-takers, to lift burdens, because they gave them no chance. ChL 43.3

I told him it was not God's plan to have it thus. He had done this way and gathered upon himself a mass of burdens he had no strength to carry and he could not do justice to anything. God had given to every man his work, according to each man's ability, and when one man entertained the idea that he must gather all the responsibilities ChL 43.4

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