Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 53

Mistakes Not an Evidence of Unfitness—How my heart aches to see presidents of Conferences taking the burden of selecting those whom they think they can mold to work with them in the field. They take those who will not differ from them but will act like mere machines. No president has any right to do this. Leave others to plan, and if they fail in some things do not take it as an evidence that they are unfitted to be thinkers. ChL 53.1

Our most responsible men had to learn by a long discipline and practice how to use their judgment. In many things they have shown that their work ought to have been better.—Letter 12, 1885 (October 28, 1885, to Butler and Haskell). ChL 53.2

Choose Wise Men—For years the Lord has been instructing us to choose wise men,-men who are devoted to God,—men who know what the principles of heaven are,-men who have learned what it means to walk with God,—and to place upon them the responsibility of looking after the business affairs connected with our work. This is in accordance with the Bible plan as outlined in the sixth chapter of Acts. We need to study this plan; for it is approved of God. Let us follow the Word.—The Review and Herald, October 5, 1905. ChL 53.3

Choose Men Who Can Be Trusted—God will teach His people to move carefully, and to make wise choice of men who will not betray sacred trusts. If in Christ's day the believers needed to be guarded in their choice of men for positions of responsibility, we who are living in this time certainly need to move with great discretion. We are to present every case before God, and in earnest prayer ask Him to choose for us.—Testimonies for the Church 9:264. ChL 53.4

Great Care in Selecting Leaders—The Lord has been pleased to present before me many things in regard to the calling and labor of our ministers, especially those who have been appointed as presidents of conferences. Great care should be exercised in the selection of men for these positions of trust. There should be earnest prayer for divine enlightenment.—Gospel Workers, 413. ChL 53.5

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