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Christian Leadership, Page 6

Kindness, Tenderness, Sympathy

When Their Counsel is Not Followed—God sees every transaction; nothing is hid from Him. There is too much responsibility assumed by men who have not cultivated the love and compassion and sympathy and tenderness that characterized the life of Christ. In dealing with some of their brethren who have not followed their counsel or who may have questioned their course of action or who may have had dealings with them that did not please them, they manifest no love, although these souls are the purchase of the blood of Christ, and may be more precious in the sight of God because of their simplicity and their integrity in maintaining the right at any cost.—Letter 31a, 1894, p. 14 (October 27, 1894 to A. R. Henry). ChL 6.1

Pleasure in Bruising Souls—I am sorry that there are those in positions of trust who very sparingly cultivate the sympathy and tenderness of Christ. They do not even cultivate and manifest love toward their brethren and sisters who are in the faith. They do not exercise the precious tact that should bind and heal those who go astray, but instead they exhibit cruelty of spirit, that drives the wanderer still further into the dark, and makes angels weep. Some seem to find a sort of pleasure in bruising and wounding souls who are ready to die. As I look upon men who handle sacred truth, who bear sacred responsibilities, and who are failing to cultivate a spirit of love and tenderness, I feel like crying out, “Turn ye, turn ye; for why will ye die?”—Letter 43, 1895, p. 3 (June 14, 1895 to J. H. Kellogg). ChL 6.2

Kindness, Courtesy, and the Lowliness of Christ—You need the kindness, courtesy, meekness, and lowliness of Christ. You have many valuable qualifications that can be perfected for highest service if sanctified to God. You should feel the necessity of approaching your brethren with kindness and courtesy, not with harshness and severity. You do not realize the harm you do by your sharp, domineering spirit toward them. The ministers in your conference become disheartened, losing the courage they might have if you would give then respect, kindness, confidence, and love. By your manner of dealing you have separated the hearts of your brethren from you, so ChL 6.3

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