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Christian Leadership, Page 8

upon His blood-bought heritage. Human souls have cost too much to be trifled with, or treated with harshness or indifference. ChL 7.5

A defective life is a dishonor to God. Co-workers with Christ will manifest no harshness, no self-sufficiency. These elements must be purified from the soul, and the gentleness of Christ take possession. Never be unkind to any soul, for by the grace of God that soul may become an heir of God and joint heir with Christ. Do not bruise the hearts of Christ's purchased ones, for in doing this you bruise the heart of Christ. Ever remember that we must all meet again around the great white throne, there to receive the approval or disapproval of God. A soul hurt is often a soul destroyed. Let those who have light and privileges remember that their very position of trust makes them responsible for souls. They will have to meet again those whom they have driven from Christ bruised and wounded to death. ChL 8.1

The human agent is a savor of life unto life, or he is a savor of death unto death. He either draws with Christ, or he draws away from Christ.—Manuscript 143, 1899 (October 4, 1899, “Co-Workers With Christ”). ChL 8.2

Kind to the Erring—In the advancement of his cause in the earth, he would have men appointed to deal with the erring who will be kind and considerate, and whose characters reveal the similitude of the divine,—men who will show the wisdom of Christ in dealing with matters that should be kept private, and who, when a work of correction and reproof must be done, will know how to keep silence before those whom it does not concern. Unbelievers should not be given opportunity to make God's people, be they ministers or laymen, the objects of their suspicion and unrighteous judgment.—The Review and Herald, November 14, 1907. ChL 8.3

Kindness to Youth—God holds the managers of his institutions responsible to treat the youth in the employ of these institutions with courtesy, respect, and kindness. They are to deal with them as they themselves wish to be dealt with by Christ. Their first work is to be so kind to the youth, so thoughtful of their interests, that they will feel at home in their presence.—The Review and Herald, April 28, 1903. ChL 8.4

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