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Christian Service, Page 223

Chapter 24—Qualifications for Successful Christian Service


Listlessness and inefficiency are not piety. When we realize that we are working for God, we shall have a higher sense than we have ever had before of the sacredness of spiritual service. This realization will put life and vigilance and persevering energy into the discharge of every duty.—Testimonies for the Church 9:150.

The time demands greater efficiency and deeper consecration. O, I am so full of this subject that I cry to God, “Raise up and send forth messengers filled with a sense of their responsibility, messengers in whose hearts self-idolatry, which lies at the foundation of all sin, has been crucified.”—Testimonies for the Church 9:27.

The work committed to the disciples would require great efficiency; for the tide of evil ran deep and strong against them.—The Acts of the Apostles, 31.

Cultured Speech

The right culture and use of the power of speech has to do with every line of Christian work.... We should accustom ourselves to speak in pleasant tones, to use pure and correct language, and words that are kind and courteous.—Christ's Object Lessons, 336.

Every minister and every teacher should bear in mind that he is giving to the people a message that involves eternal interests. The truth spoken will judge them in the great day of final reckoning. And with some souls the manner of the one delivering the message will determine its reception or rejection. Then let the word be so spoken that it will appeal to the understanding and impress the heart. Slowly, distinctly, and solemnly should it be spoken, yet with all the earnestness which its importance demands.—Christ's Object Lessons, 336.

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