Ellen G. White Writings

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Confrontation, Page 7

Table of Contents

Confrontation in the Desert9
Adam and Eve and Their Eden Home10
The Test of Probation12
Paradise Lost15
Plan of Redemption16
Sacrificial Offerings21
Appetite and Passion24
A Threat to Satan's Kingdom27
The Temptation31
Christ as a Second Adam32
Terrible Effects of Sin Upon Man34
The First Temptation of Christ36
Significance of the Test37
Christ Did No Miracle for Himself40
He Parleyed Not With Temptation41
Victory Through Christ45
The Second Temptation47
The Sin of Presumption48
Christ Our Hope and Example50
The Third Temptation51
Christ's Temptation Ended55
Christian Temperance57
Self-indulgence in Religion's Garb64
More Than One Fall73
Health and Happiness76
Strange Fire80
Presumptuous Rashness and Intelligent Faith84
Character Development93

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