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Daniel and The Revelation, Page 7


The Book of Daniel.



Characteristics of the Sacred Writings — Five Historical Facts — Prophecy of Jerusalem’s Captivity — The Holy City Three Times Overthrown — God’s Testimony against Sin — Condition and Treatment of Daniel and his Companions — Character of King Nebuchadnezzar — Signification of Pagan Names — Daniel’s Integrity — The Result of his Experiment — Daniel Lives till the Time of Cyrus.


The Great Image....... 32

A Difficulty Explained — Daniel Enters upon his Work — Who were the Magicians — Trouble between the King and the Wise Men — The Ingenuity of the Magicians — The King’s Sentence against Them — Remarkable Providence of God — The Help Sought by Daniel — A Good Example — Daniel’s Magnanimity — A Natural Character — The Magicians Exposed — What the World Owes to the People of God — Appropriateness of the Symbol — A Sublime Chapter of Human History — Beginning of the Babylonian Kingdom — What is Meant by a Universal Kingdom — Description of Babylon — The Heavenly City — Babylon’s Fall — Stratagem of Cyrus — Belshazzar’s Impious Feast — Prophecy Fulfilled — Babylon Reduced to Heaps — The Second Kingdom, Medo-Persia — Persian Kings, and Time of their Reign — Persia’s Last King — Alexander the Great — His Contemptible Character — The Fourth Kingdom — The Testimony of Gibbon — Influences which Undermined Rome — A False Theory Examined — What the Toes Signify — Rome Divided — Names of the Ten Divisions — Subsequent History — God’s Kingdom Still Future — Its Nature, Location, and Extent.

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