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Daughters of God, Page 106

which He has appointed them as are men.—Evangelism, 493 (1903).

Women to Receive Wages for Their Work—There are ministers’ wives—Sisters Starr, Haskell, Wilson, and Robinson—who have been devoted, earnest, whole-souled workers, giving Bible readings and praying with families, helping along by personal efforts just as successfully as their husbands. These women give their whole time, and are told that they receive nothing for their labors because their husbands receive wages. I tell them to go forward and all such decisions will be revised. The Word says, “The labourer is worthy of his hire.” Luke 10:7. When any such decision as this is made, I will, in the name of the Lord, protest. I will feel it my duty to create a fund from my tithe money to pay these women who are accomplishing just as essential work as the ministers are doing, and this tithe I will reserve for work in the same line as that of the ministers, hunting for souls, fishing for souls.

I know that the faithful women should be paid wages as it is considered proportionate to the pay received by ministers. They carry the burden of souls and should not be treated unjustly. These sisters are giving their time to educating those newly come to the faith and hire their own work done and pay those who work for them. All these things must be adjusted and set in order and justice be done to all. Proofreaders in the office receive their wages; those who are working at housework receive their wages, two dollars and a half and three dollars a week. This I have had to pay and others have to pay. But ministers’ wives, who carry a tremendous responsibility, devoting their entire time, have nothing for their labor.—Manuscript Releases 12:160 (1898).

Letter to Capt. Henry Norman

Women Should Receive Suitable Pay for Their Work—My Brother in Christ Jesus: I feel very grateful to my heavenly Father, who has answered our prayers in His own time and His own way. Often in our experience we have been brought into very strait places, but the Lord has answered our petitions, and has greatly blessed us. Again and again we have presented our case before the Lord, wrestling as did Jacob before he met his brother Esau. Some months ago the assurance was given me to call upon our brethren in America for help. The Lord said,

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