Ellen G. White Writings

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Daughters of God, Page 133

Chapter 11—“Go Ye Into All The World”

Today the word “missionary” has been largely replaced by “interdivision worker,” “expatriate worker,” or other similar expressions. The spirit and sense of “missionary” is used to indicate those who teach others about Jesus and His love, whether they go to a foreign country, or into their own community.

Women to Be Educated to Missionary Labor—There is hard work to be done in dislodging error and false doctrine from the head, that Bible truth and Bible religion may find a place in the heart. It was as a means ordained of God to educate young men and women for the various departments of missionary labor that colleges were established among us. It was God's will that they send forth not merely a few, but many laborers. But Satan, determined to overthrow this purpose, has often secured the very ones whom God would qualify for places of usefulness in His work. There are many who would work if urged into service, and who would save their souls by thus working. The church should feel her great responsibility in shutting up the light of truth and restraining the grace of God within her own narrow limits, when money and influence should be freely employed in bringing competent persons into the missionary field.—The Review and Herald, July 17, 1883.

Women of Different Nationalities to Be Educated—Missions are being established; and if the converting power of the truth comes to

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