Ellen G. White Writings

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Daughters of God, Page 201

Chapter 19—Responsibilities of Parenthood

Ellen White made many beautiful statements regarding the value of the family, children, and the home. She fully recognized their importance. At the same time she also recognized that young people contemplating marriage should take into consideration all that is involved in having children and rearing them to become all that God and the parents would like them to be.

Counsel Regarding Becoming Parents—Those who assume the responsibilities of parenthood should first consider whether they will be able to surround their children with proper influences. The home is both a family church and a family school. The atmosphere of the home should be so spiritual that all the members of the family, parents and children, will be blessed and strengthened by their association with one another....

Many who enter the marriage relation fail of realizing all the sacred responsibilities that motherhood brings. Many are sadly lacking in disciplinary power. In many homes there is but little discipline, and the children are allowed to do as they please. Such children drift hither and thither; there is nobody in the home capable of guiding them aright, nobody who with wise tact can teach them how to help father and mother, nobody who can properly lay the foundation that

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