Ellen G. White Writings

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Daughters of God, Page 217

Chapter 21—When Sorrow Comes


Lucretia Cranson was the daughter of old friends of the Whites. She married D. M. Canright in 1867. She died on March 29, 1879.

Dear Afflicted Sister,

I would much prefer to be with you and converse with you, but this is impossible. I might say to you I sympathize with you in your feebleness, but when I think of you it seems ever sure to me and vivid before me that you are sustained by arms that never tire, and comforted with a love that is unchangeable, enduring as the throne of God.

I do not look upon you as repining in your feebleness, but as one upon whom the countenance of the Lord shineth, giving light and peace, whose soul is in fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ, growing daily in the knowledge of the divine will, partaking of the divine nature, increasing in reverence, childlike holy trust, and confiding love. Never did the appreciation of Christ's blood, which pardons, seem to you so precious, so priceless as in your feebleness, when your hold is loosening upon the world.

You have been growing in inward experience, and others may profit by your counsel and your advice. Religion to you, my precious child, has become more and more beauteous. You now find so much comfort sitting at the feet of Christ and learning of Him. The fear of

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