Ellen G. White Writings

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Daughters of God, Page 248

Appendix C—Exhibits Relating to the Ordination of Women

From the Lifetime and Experience of Ellen G. White

A paper presented at the ministerial meeting at the 1990 General Conference session. Prepared by the White Estate staff.

1. A resolution to ordain women was discussed at the General Conference of 1881. No action was taken. The minutes include the following lines:

“Resolved, that females possessing the necessary qualifications to fill that position may, with perfect propriety, be set apart by ordination to the work of the Christian ministry.

“This was discussed by J. O. Corliss, A. C. Bourdeau, E. R. Jones, D. H. Lamson, W. H. Littlejohn, A. S. Hutchins, D. M. Canright, and J. N. Loughborough, and referred to the General Conference Committee.”—The Review and Herald, December 20, 1881.

Ellen White did not attend the General Conference of 1881. Her husband died on August 6 of that year. Two weeks after his death she left Battle Creek, bound for California. She did not return to Michigan until August of 1883.

2. For many years Ellen White was voted ministerial credentials by the Michigan conference (see E.G. The Review and Herald, September 10, 1872)

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