Ellen G. White Writings

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Experiences in Australia, Page 353

Lt 33, 1899
“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia
February 12, 1899

Mr. S. McCullagh
Dear Brother:

Since receiving your letter, I have commenced several letters to you. I am thankful to God that you are convinced of your wrong course of action, and that you see things in a new light. Gather every ray of light that shines upon your pathway, and turn to the Lord with all the heart. Be diligent in seeking for the true path, the strait gate.

We always feel deeply over those Satan has deceived and led astray, because the synagogue of Satan triumphs when the enemy can lead the Lord’s professed people, as he has you, to bear false witness. I know that the Lord had heard prayer in your behalf, when at Dora Creek you were healed, and the glory of God filled the room. I have ever felt great sadness when I thought of your denying the truth, because I believe you have had a genuine experience in the truth. You did fight manfully under the banner of Prince Emmanuel against the world, the flesh, and the devil. You did love the truth. For a long time the enemy was insidiously working your ruin before you took the final step. Light was given me that when you took this step, you were altogether too well-satisfied with your attainments. You did not feel the necessity of becoming an earnest Bible student.

Had the truth been impressed upon your mind sufficiently to give you that faith that works by love and purifies the soul from all deception, all prevarication, all covetousness, you would have held firmly to the hand of Christ, placing your dependence in One who is all-sufficient, and you would never have denied the truth and grieved the Holy Spirit by falsifying God’s servants and placing me, who had been your best and truest earthly friend, in a terribly ridiculous light before the people. In doing this, you stood side by side with Elder Canright, but even he did not descend to accuse me as you have done. How you could do it was for some time a mystery to me, but when the Lord saw fit to show me distinctly that you did not dig deep and make your foundation sure, riveting your soul to the Eternal Rock, I better understood.

Threads of self-deception were woven with your experience. You were led astray. But when you knew this by the conviction of the Spirit of God, you would not heed the voice. When your statements were shown to be false, you would not acknowledge your wrong and come to the light. You would not open the door of your heart to Christ. You fought against the Spirit of God inch by inch, and then you changed your uniform, and joined the rebel army, to war against the truth and receive pay. You pretended you were satisfied; but as you recall the past, were you satisfied with yourself?

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