Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 102

Chapter 11—Visiting Churches in Sweden

Land of the child preachers

At Malmo, Ellen White, along with Willie, Sara, and Elder Matteson, boarded the train and after an all-night journey reached Stockholm. There that Friday morning to welcome the party to a busy time in Sweden was C. Norlin, a dedicated colporteur who took them to his new apartment at Westmannagaten 34. Ellen White developed a great respect for these self-sacrificing literature evangelists who she said were “poor but very excellent people.” Norlin went on foot from place to place carrying Swedish books printed in America. The profits were extremely small on these little volumes, since the production costs in America were high, and the shipping costs further trimmed his meager earnings. On some books Norlin made as little as three cents.

Fortunately, at the General Conference session later in the year, the SDA Publishing Association voted to furnish publications to foreign missions at the cost of production. W. C. White, who attended the session, probably helped to influence the decision.

The Norlins had just moved into a new brick apartment house, and plasterers and carpenters had not yet finished their work. As Mrs. White struggled up the four flights of stone stairs and into one of the rooms she

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