Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 11

Chapter 1—Chronology

August 8-18On board S.S. Cephalonia en route Boston to Liverpool22-29
August 18-September 2England—Grimsby, Ulceby, Risely, London, Southampton35-46
September 3-October 6Switzerland—Basel47-90
October 6-7En route Basel, Switzerland, to Copenhagen, Denmark91-92
October 7-14Denmark—Copenhagen93-101
October 15-16En route Copenhagen, Denmark, to Stockholm, Sweden101
October 16-29Sweden—Stockholm, Kopparberg, Grythyttehed, Orebro102-114
October 29-30En route Orebro, Sweden, to Christiania, Norway
October 30-November 16Norway—Christiania, Drammen115-126
November 16-19En route Christiania, Norway, to Basel, Switzerland127-129
November 19-26Switzerland—Basel129-134
November 26-27En route Basel, Switzerland, to Torre Pellice, Italy134-135
November 27-December 15Italy—Torre Pellice, Bobbio, St. John135-145
December 15-16En route Torre Pellice, Italy, to Basel, Switzerland145-146

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