Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 115

Chapter 12—Norwegian Adventists Welcome Mrs. White

Large public meetings in Christiania

Mrs. White's major assignment in Scandinavia now loomed before her—a little more than two busy weeks in Norway. Sweden had more Adventists at this time, but Norway could claim the only Adventist institution in the Northland, the publishing house in Christiania,*Actually Oslo was the original name for the city founded in the middle of the eleventh century. In 1624 the old city was completely destroyed by fire, and the reigning king of Denmark and Norway, Christian IV, ordered it rebuilt and renamed after him. On January 1, 1925, the Norwegians reassumed the city's original name “for historical and patriotic” reasons. as well as the largest single congregation—120 members in the headquarters church.

Observant of the features of the country, Mrs. White wrote of its characteristics and its hospitable people:

“It is hard to realize that in Christiania we are as far north as the southern point of Greenland and Alaska. The winters here are not severe. But the days at this season are very short. The sun rises as late as half past nine, and sets about three.

“In the summer, of course, the days are correspondingly long. At midsummer it is so light all night that one can see to read print. Children are often playing in the streets till midnight. At the North Cape the sun does not set from May 15 to July 29.

“Norway has about two million inhabitants; the people

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