Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 133

Chapter 14—The First Visit to Italy

Attack by “friend” and foe

Arriving back in Basel, Switzerland, on Thursday evening, November 20, Ellen White found Mary K. White healthy, but granddaughter Ella,*Ella in young womanhood married Dores Robinson, son of Asa T. and Loretta Farnsworth Robinson. Dores was a pastor-teacher-editor-evangelist. But his real talent was editorial research and writing. For years he served in the White Estate offices assisting Ellen White until she died in 1915. He served in editorial work and teaching in the United States and Africa, then in the White Estate offices at Elmshaven and Washington, D.C. In all of his service at home and overseas the ebullient Ella was a faithful participant. At the time this book is being written both she and her younger sister, Mabel, are living. now almost four, was ill, but not seriously. So it was good to be “home” again.

Many times in the months ahead she would return to her home base in Basel, then venture forth as God's messenger to deliver His word to the people. This was the pattern of her labors in Europe.

W. C. White, who arrived in New York a week after his mother's return to Basel, wrote instructions to Mary his wife: “I suppose Mother will be let down after her long, hard journey. You must help her rest. Make dresses, ride out, walk around, kill time, and give nature a chance to strengthen her for another campaign.”—W. C. White, November 28, 1885. But Willie's hope that his mother might get some rest before another “campaign”

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