Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 174

Chapter 16—The Second Visit to Italy

A season of hard labor

Early in April, Ellen White testified that she was enjoying good health and the beautiful weather: “Everything is looking so green and lovely that we are sure winter is passed and spring has come.”—Letter 41, 1886.

A Letter From Torre Pellice

Just at this time a letter arrived from A. C. Bourdeau back again in Torre Pellice. Interest was good in two places where he was holding regular meetings, and he urged Ellen White to come. In a few weeks the people would begin to leave the valleys to spend the summer in the mountains, so it was all the more essential that she go at once if her visit was to be helpful.

She had been writing him regularly since her last visit to the Piedmont valleys, and while his brother Daniel's problem had been that he did most of the work himself, A. C.’s shortcoming was that he didn't seem to be getting much work done at all. Ellen White described his efforts at one point as “an array of Quaker guns” (Letter 31, 1886). Evidently her prodding had taken effect, and now when he called for help she responded immediately.

W. C. White relayed the plans: “Since receiving your last letter, Mother has been thinking much about coming to Italy, and Brother Whitney [mission president] has

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