Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 181

Chapter 17—The Magnificence of the Alps

Observations en route to Geneva

The Alps are the major system of mountains in south central Europe, forming a 680-mile arc from southeastern France across Switzerland, a portion of southern Germany, Austria, through Yugoslavia, to Albania. Mont Blanc (15,781 feet) is the highest point in the chain. The magnificent sweep of giant peaks forms the seat of a mammoth footstool, the legs of which stretch south into Yugoslavia and Italy. Gorgeous lakes of blue and more somber hues dot the alpine foothills, and streams flow north and south, east and west, from the snowclad summits. EGWE 181.1

Ellen White was deeply impressed as she viewed these mountains from her coach window while traveling northward through Italy and France into Switzerland. Her unique description of these scenic wonders, penned as she traveled, reveals a keen appreciation for natural beauty and, more important, a reverent and worshipful spirit. EGWE 181.2

The lessons she drew from nature's grand spectacle are worth repeating: EGWE 181.3

“The scenery is very grand on this route. With pen in hand, I sketch down the scenery as the cars move swiftly along. Now on either side of us rise almost perpendicular EGWE 181.4

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