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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 192

Chapter 19—a Second Round of Meetings in Scandinavia

Conference sessions in Sweden and Denmark

The 1886 session of the Swedish Conference was slated for late June, with a week of workers’ meetings to precede it. So two weeks after her visit to Tramelan and her tour of the Swiss churches, Ellen White was on the road again. On this six-week tour of the Scandinavian countries (June 15-July 28) her strong spiritual influence would be seen and felt by thousands of people.

This time Sara McEnterfer and Kristine Dahl accompanied her. Kristine had been living with the W. C. White family in Basel since the previous November, and now she was returning to her family in Christiania.

The party left on Tuesday, June 15. The following evening they met Willie in Hamburg. He had gone the day before to attend to publishing house business in Leipzig.

Their route was the same as before, to Kiel, Germany, by train, then by boat to Korsor, Denmark. Arriving in Copenhagen, the party was able to catch a boat leaving for Malmo, Sweden.

When they reached Orebro, the site of the conference, no one was there to meet them, but a Swedish coachman appeared eager to “help.” The man “seemed determined to take our satchels right out of our hands,” Ellen White related, “but we held to them valiantly.

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