Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 22

Chapter 3—Bound for Europe

Ellen White's first overseas trip

Port: Boston

Ship: S.S. Cephalonia

Passengers: Included Ellen G. White and her party

Time of Embarkation: August 7, 1885

Destination: Liverpool

The prospects of a European trip, including the Atlantic crossing by boat, caused Ellen White's heart to beat a little faster! The anticipation that one experiences when he is about to take his first journey to another country is nearly always a pleasurable sensation, and Mrs. White's reaction, though freighted with a sense of solemn responsibility, was no exception. Besides, a trip to Europe back in 1885—particularly with a departure from historic Boston harbor—was a privilege comparatively few Americans enjoyed.

Ever since she had been invited by church leaders in Europe to come to visit them, she had been thinking about it and praying that the Lord would lead her. And now it was all settled, and she was ready to sail from the shores of her native land.

Her final day in America, Friday, August 7, was a busy one, with last-minute shopping and five or six letters to write. Then she headed for the harbor of the big port

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