Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 247

Chapter 25—Christmas Day at Tramelan

First church dedicated in Europe

The General Conference session of 1886 was in progress in the United States at the time Ellen White returned to Basel in late November. *The twenty-fifth session was held in Battle Creek, Michigan, 71 delegates present, November 18-December 6. George I. Butler was president of the General Conference. Whitney had gone to the session from Switzerland to represent the Central European Mission. Reports reached America of the success of Mrs. White's European journey, and it was obvious at the session that there was a strong demand for her return to America in time for the spring camp meetings. Naturally the American brethren would like to hear reports of the work in Europe, and would welcome her ministry, but the action taken only requested that she and W. C. White should return “whenever they feel that it is their duty.”

It is not known exactly when Ellen White decided to return to the United States, but we know that on April 18, 1887, she wrote, “We are straining every power to close up our work here in Basel” (Letter 82, 1887).

A petition from Australia was also presented to the General Conference in session asking Mrs. White and W. C. White to visit that field. They were to honor the request five years later, and spend nine fruitful years in

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