Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 286

Chapter 29—Lewis R. Conradi

L. R. Conradi, with whom Ellen G. White labored in Vohwinkel, was a native of Germany who had gone to America when he was 17. While in the United States he had become a Seventh-day Adventist. He was a graduate of Battle Creek College, an intelligent man with unusual gifts and abilities. He finished the four-year college course in eighteen months and then labored successfully in America among the German-speaking people in the Midwestern States. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1882. And now, as we have already noted, at the age of 30 he had returned to Europe with W. C. White in February, 1886. From time to time he worked closely with Ellen White as her translator. She was gratified that he was back in Europe.

In the months that followed, he labored with zeal and sacrifice in Russia.*There were many German-speaking Protestants in Russia, and among them a developing interest in Adventism. While in the Crimea he itinerated with a native Russian believer, Gerhard Perk, a former Mennonite who had been converted through reading Seventh-day Adventist literature. Conradi was accused by the Russian authorities of teaching Jewish heresy and was imprisoned for forty days. When Ellen White heard of it she was greatly distressed and wrote to him a kind and understanding letter. She assured him that “we will

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