Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 314

Chapter 32—Homeward Bound

Aboard the City of Rome

London! Southampton! Wellingborough! Kettering! Grimsby! Birkenhead! Liverpool!—all of them towns and cities in old England—the last visited by Ellen White before she boarded the City of Rome at Liverpool on August 3. She was bound for home at last! These names would linger in her memory as long as she lived.

At eleven in the morning they arrived at Liverpool. Here she met her daughter-in-law, Mary K. White, and her two children, Ella and tiny Mabel, whom she had not seen for several months. W. C. White was left behind in Basel to complete some last-minute work “that demanded his special attention” (Manuscript 27, 1887).

At the home of Brother Drew in Liverpool, Sister White enjoyed some last pleasant hours. There she met a clerical brother who had recently accepted the Sabbath, a Pastor Smith. “He has been a minister of the State Church and was separated from the church because of his receiving the doctrine of immortality of the soul only through Christ, in accordance with the Word of God.”—Ibid. She rejoiced to see this honest Christian advance in the light and she did her best to encourage him.

Her extensive counsel concerning our reaching “ministers of other denominations” is wise and sensible:

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