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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 47

Chapter 6—Headquarters in Basel

Organizing the gospel army

Basel is situated in northern Switzerland, near the German and French borders. Like Zurich and Berne, the city is German-speaking. The country is not so mountainous as central Switzerland. This historic city, so strategically located, had been selected as the headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist work in Central Europe. Here the first institution of the church on the Continent was established. And now the announcement was out for the Third European Council to be held here, preceded by a four-day meeting of the Swiss Conference. Ellen White had hastened across the Atlantic to attend these meetings.

At the Basel railway station to meet her was B. L. Whitney, who had come to Europe in 1883 to take over the leadership from J. N. Andrews.*The hard-working Andrews passed away in the midst of his labors in the year 1883 at the age of 54. He is buried in Basel. He literally gave his life for the newly developing cause in Europe. His influence was broad. J. N. Loughborough, who helped to pioneer the work in England, was converted under Andrew's preaching in Rochester, New York in 1852. Young Charles M. Andrews, J. N.’s son, and one of the Vuilleumier brothers were also at the station.

After a hack ride to the newly completed headquarters building and publishing house, there were more

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