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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 57

Chapter 7—The Swiss Conference of 1885

One of the first in Europe

On Thursday, September 10, workers and church members began arriving in Basel for the Swiss Conference meeting, which was to begin that evening. Ellen White's old friend Daniel T. Bourdeau arrived with a number of French believers. She greeted them cordially and had a pleasant interview with Bourdeau and his little family.

There were his wife, Marion; his daughter, Patience, now an energetic teen-ager of 15; and Augustin, just 10 years old. Ellen White had known the Bourdeau family from the earliest days when their home at Bourdeauville, in northern Vermont, had been an important Adventist outpost.

Daniel's brother, A. C. Bourdeau, had accepted the third angel's message first, and Daniel thought at the time that he was crazy to observe Saturday instead of Sunday. Proud of his Biblical scholarship gained at a Baptist seminary in Canada, Daniel had set out to prove from the Scriptures that his brother was wrong. In the process, of course, he discovered quite the opposite, and he was forced to admit that the Biblical arguments favored the seventh-day Sabbath, but even so, he still felt he could not accept Mrs. White's visions as authentic. Then came a significant meeting at Buck's Bridge, New

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