Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 66

Chapter 8—The Third European Missionary Council

A miniature general conference

Tuesday, the very next day after the Swiss Conference closed, an even more important meeting opened in Basel: the Third European Council of Seventh-day Adventist Missions, September 15-29. W. C. White described the session as a miniature General Conference. It proved to be the most memorable and effective gathering of workers in the early years of the church in Europe. No other council compared with it in importance, for it set a mold upon the work for years to come.

Thirty-one representatives from Europe were present as official delegates, joining the three from America. The employees of the publishing house and a number of Swiss believers attended, as well.

The opening day dawned balmy and beautiful, and Mrs. White was up at five, writing. After breakfast she still had several hours before the opening meeting, so she took her first buggy ride since reaching Basel, crossing the Rhine into nearby Germany. She returned feeling refreshed.

At eleven, the delegates gathered in the publishing house chapel to begin their deliberations. Mrs. White sat quietly by as they selected their working committees and began to lay plans. The schedule shaped up quickly. The committee on the order of meetings, of which W. C.

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