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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 86

Chapter 9—Among The Youth In Basel

Labors of love

“We part with tender feelings,” Ellen White said of the farewells on Wednesday after the Third European Council (Manuscript 24, 1885). Some workers lingered on a few days, and on Friday she had a visit with George Drew about how to begin work in London. She wrote:

“After much prayer, it is thought best to have select colporteurs to commence labor in that field in a quiet way and see what can be done with our publications.... If the chosen and accepted will pattern after Christ's example to instruct the people in all humility and kindly interest, the blessing of the Lord will be given.... The large cities can be entered if you will watch unto prayer. When rough speeches are made, be not offended. Consider that you have a soul-saving message and that you can only obtain victories by walking humbly with the Lord Jesus.”—Ibid.

Serious work was not begun in London until much later, but Ellen White ever showed her concern for the salvation of souls in the large cities. Whether in London or in Basel the Lord's messenger was always alert to give help where it was needed. Both young and old were the objects of her concern.

In time a score or more of the youth came to work at the printing house in Basel. Morning classes were held from six-thirty to seven-thirty to give them a chance to

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