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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Page 91

Chapter 10—The Visit to Denmark

A dream come true in Copenhagen

The delegates to the European Council were delighted to have Ellen White in their midst, and they were genuinely eager to have her visit their respective countries, meet the believers, and bring her testimony to the churches. It is understandable then that one action taken near the close of the council was in the form of an invitation. It reads:

“Resolved, that we express our gratitude to God for the labors and counsels of Sr. E. G. White and her son, Eld. W. C. White, at these meetings; that we invite them to visit Scandinavia, Great Britain, and other fields, and to remain sufficiently long in Europe to do the work Providence has assigned them.”—Minutes of Third European Council, published in The Review and Herald, November 3, 1885.

Her response to this invitation was positive, but she did not feel prepared to leave at once. She had spoken many times during the council, held numerous interviews, and done considerable writing. She needed time for rest and rejuvenation.

During this week her thoughts turned to the question of the termination of the European journey. How long should she remain? Would she be on the Continent in June of the following summer when conferences would be held in Scandinavia? She wrote:

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