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Ellen G. White Statements Relating to Geology and Earth Sciences, Page 1

Ellen G. White Statements Relating to Geology and Earth Sciences

Ellen G. White Estate
Washington, D. C.
March, 1982

Table of Contents

1. A Word of Explanation2
2. Chapter 1—The Basic Statement of 18643
   Disguised Infidelity3
3. Chapter 2—Science and Revelation4
   Science and the Bible in Education6
   Erroneous Doctrines Dangerous7
4. Chapter 3—Science and the Bible (Education)9
5. Chapter 4—Ellen G. White Statements on the Age of the Earth11
6. Chapter 5—Time Lapse Between Creation and Moses, and Creation and Christ14
7. Chapter 6—Authentic History Of The Beginning Of Our World16
8. Chapter 7—God Not Indebted To Pre-Existing Matter18
9. Chapter 8—Creation of the Earth20
10. Chapter 9—Earth Antedated By Other Created Worlds22
   Statements Concerning This Earth and Other Worlds23
11. Chapter 10—The Sabbath Is As Old As The Earth Itself24
12. Chapter 11—Science, True and False, and Revelation28
   The 1864 Statement28
   Statements, 1880-188929
   Statements, 1890-189933
   Statements, 1900-191235
13. Chapter 12—Ellen G. White Statements on Antediluvian World Conditions38
14. Chapter 13—The World’s First Rain44
15. Chapter 14—How The Earth’s Surface Was Changed By The Flood46
   1890 Statements Concerning the Flood48
   Other Statements Concerning the Flood50
   Evidence of Changes Made by the Flood52
16. Chapter 15—Ellen G. White Statements on Amalgamation54
17. Chapter 16—Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes54
18. Chapter 17—On Mountains and Mountain Building58
   Lessons From The Mountains58
   The Mission of the Mountains59

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