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From Eternity Past, Page 5

Why You Should Read This Book

Where did we come from? Why do international tensions threaten to wipe out civilization? Why is crime increasing? Why are moral standards sagging? Is God indifferent to all this? Is He doing anything to help us solve our problems?

This book—the first of a five-book series—answers these questions. It tells how our world began and how the human race originated. It describes the tragic rebellion that took place in heaven many thousands of years ago and makes plain how the great controversy between God and Satan affects every inhabitant of Planet Earth.

With unusual skill the author describes the role of our world in the conflict between right and wrong, between truth and error. Best of all, the book reveals the wiles of Satan and points to the Power by which we may defeat him in our personal lives.

The author‘s straightforward style and plain, direct language help hold one‘s interest from beginning to end. However, besides these qualities, most readers find something else in this book. As they read, they become convinced that the author was divinely inspired.

We commend this volume to all who seek authoritative information about how our world began, all who are interested in sacred history, all who are perplexed by the strange mixture of good and evil in the natural world and in human hearts, all who desire a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

The Publishers

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