Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 306

In the advocacy of truth the bitterest opponents should be treated with respect and deference. Some will not respond to our efforts, but will make light of the gospel invitation. Others, even those whom we suppose to have passed the boundary of God's mercy, will be won to Christ. The very last work in the controversy may be the enlightenment of those who have not rejected light and evidence, but who have been in midnight darkness, and have in ignorance worked against the truth. Therefore treat every man as honest. Speak no word, do no deed, that will confirm any in unbelief.—Testimonies For The Church 6:120-122 (1900).

Help in Every Emergency—Every teacher of the truth, every laborer together with God, will pass through searching, trying hours, when faith and patience will be severely tested. You are to be prepared by the grace of Christ to go forward, although apparent impossibilities obstruct the way. You have a present help in every time of emergency. The Lord allows you to meet obstacles, that you may seek unto Him who is your strength and sufficiency. Pray most earnestly for the wisdom that comes from God; He will open the way before you, and give you precious victories if you will walk humbly before Him.—Special Testimonies, Series A, 7:18. (1874).

Baptism and Church Membership

Baptism Requisite in Conversion—Repentance, faith, and baptism are the requisite steps in conversion. Letter 174, 1909.

Clinching Decision for Baptism—The souls under conviction of the truth need to be visited and labored

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