Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 131

cities, He will let His people know. But this will be after these wicked cities have had an opportunity to hear the word and to receive the word that is unto life eternal.

Our work now is to enlighten and educate minds as to the sayings of the Scripture. Doors are now opened for the entrance of truth. Avail yourselves of the opportunity to reach those who have never heard the truth. Explain the truth, as did Christ, in many ways, by figures and parables. And Elder _____'s striking presentation of the truth by the means of charts may be followed to advantage. Let these things speak to the senses of the people. Do not encourage anything like a fanatical movement. Satan works in this line, seeking to draw away disciples after him by representations that, if it were possible, will deceive the very elect.—Letter 17, 1902.

Startling Notices—Startling notices are detrimental to the progress of the work.—The Review and Herald, July 5, 1906.

I assure you that we are praying for you and for the work in New York City. But please do withdraw those startling notices of your meetings. If a fanatical wave should strike New York now, Satan would work upon human minds, setting in operation a work that none of you are prepared to handle. It is not excitement that we need at this time, but calm, steady, devoted effort for the education of the people.—Letter 17, 1902.

The Evangelist in Publicity

Boasting Out of Place—All boasting of merit in ourselves is out of place.... Not in our learning, not in our position, not in our numbers or entrusted

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