Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 139

Word of God contains divine nourishment, which satisfies the appetite for spiritual food.—Letter 17, 1902.

Expensive and Peculiar Methods—You have chosen to work in a way that wears yourself out and absorbs a large amount of means.

This expensive outlay of means has been presented before you in its true bearing, and you have been told that such a way of working is not in harmony with the will of God. Your expensive and peculiar methods of labor may appear at first to make a strong impression on the people, but they soon reach the conclusion that the display is made to call attention to yourself and your wife and children. The large expenditure of means is not in harmony with the solemn truths presented. Self has been placed on exhibition.—Letter 205, 1904.

Not to Ape the World—We are handling subjects which involve eternal interests, and we are not to ape the world in any respect. We are to follow closely the footsteps of Christ. He is a satisfying portion and can meet all our wants and necessities.—Manuscript 96, 1898.

Our success will depend on carrying forward the work in the simplicity in which Christ carried it forward, without any theatrical display.—Letter 53, 1904.

Guarding Proper Approaches

Jesus Studied Natural Train of Thought—The beneficent operations of nature are not accomplished by abrupt and startling interpositions; men are not permitted to take her work into their own hands. God works through the calm, regular operation of His

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