Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 168

Section 7—The Message and its Presentation

Spirit and Manner of Presenting the Message

Importance of the Manner of Presenting Truth—The manner in which the truth is presented often has much to do in determining whether it will be accepted or rejected.—Testimonies For The Church 4:404, 405 (1880). Ev 168.1

It is to be regretted that many do not realize that the manner in which Bible truth is presented has much to do with the impressions made upon minds, and with the Christian character afterward developed by those who receive the truth. Instead of imitating Christ in His manner of labor, many are severe, critical, and dictatorial. They repulse instead of winning souls. Such will never know how many weak ones their harsh words have wounded and discouraged.—Historical Sketches, p. 121. (1886). Ev 168.2

Startling Messages—Most startling messages will be borne by men of God's appointment, messages of a character to warn the people, to arouse them. And while some will be provoked by the warning, and led to resist light and evidence, we are to see from this that we are giving the testing message for this time.... We must also have, in our cities, consecrated evangelists through whom a message is to be borne so decidedly as to startle the hearers.—Testimonies For The Church 9:137 (1909). Ev 168.3

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