Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 169

With Certainty and Decision—There is a living power in truth, and the Holy Spirit is the agent that opens human minds to the truth. But the ministers and workers who proclaim the truth must show certainty and decision. They are to go forth in faith, and present the Word as though they believed it. Try to make those for whom you labor understand that it is God's truth. Preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This will confront Satan's lies.—Letter 34, 1896. Ev 169.1

The Word of the Living God—If your way of presenting the truth is God's way, your audience will be deeply impressed with the truth you present. The conviction will come to them that it is the word of the living God, and you will accomplish the will of God in power.—Letter 48, 1902. Ev 169.2

Big Ideas of Scripture Truth—You do not present yourself, but the presence and preciousness of truth is so large, why, it is so far-reaching, so deep, so broad, that self is lost sight of.... Preach so that the people can catch hold of big ideas and dig out the precious ore hid in the Scriptures.—Manuscript 7, 1894. Ev 169.3

Meetings to Witness Deep Movings of Spirit—At our meetings held in the cities, and at our camp meetings, we do not ask for great demonstrations, but we ask that the men who come before the people to present the truth shall be in earnest, and shall reveal that God is with them. There must be a special seeking after God, that the work of the meeting may be carried on under the deep movings of the Holy Spirit. There must be no mingling of the wrong with the right.—The Review and Herald, July 23, 1908. Ev 169.4

More Activity and Zeal—We need to break up the monotony of our religious labor. We are doing a work in the world, but we are not showing enough Ev 169.5

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