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Evangelism, Page 246

and the eggs find a ready market in _____ and _____, and are taken to the city by boat.

I write this that you may understand the situation. In poultry raising many families find a means of livelihood, and these could not raise the objection that many raise to keeping the Sabbath—that it would interfere with their business. They could keep the Sabbath without fear of losing their employment.—Letter 113, 1902.

Preaching on Nonimmortality

Delay Presentation of Objectionable Features—Great wisdom should be used in the presentation of a truth that comes directly in opposition to the opinions and practices of the people. Paul's habit was to dwell upon the prophecies when with the Jewish people, and bring them down step by step, and then after some time open the subject of Christ as the true Messiah.

I have been shown that our ministers go too rapidly through their subjects and bring the most objectionable features of our faith too early into their effort. There are truths that will not involve so great a cross, that should be kept before their minds, day after day and even weeks before the Sabbath and immortality questions are entered upon. Then you gain the confidence of the people as being men who have clear, forcible arguments, and they think you understand the Scriptures. When once the confidence of the people is gained, then it is time enough to introduce publicly the Sabbath and immortality questions.

But men who are not wise advance these questions too soon, and thus close the ears of the people, when with greater care and more faith and aptness and wisdom they could have carried them along step by step

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