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Evangelism, Page 295

Do Not Force Results—As an interest is about to close up, be careful not to ripen it off too suddenly, but keep the confidence of the people if possible, that souls who are in the valley of decision may find the true path, the way, and the life.—Letter 7, 1885.

Methods of Clinching Decisions

Christ Spoke Directly to His Hearers—Even the crowd that so often thronged His steps was not to Christ an indiscriminate mass of human beings. He spoke directly to every mind and appealed to every heart. He watched the faces of His hearers, marked the lighting up of the countenance, the quick, responsive glance, which told that truth had reached the soul; and there vibrated in His heart the answering chord of sympathetic joy.—Education, 231 (1903).

He Watched the Changing Countenance—Jesus watched with deep earnestness the changing countenances of His hearers. The faces that expressed interest and pleasure, gave Him great satisfaction. As the arrows of truth pierced to the soul, breaking through the barriers of selfishness, and working contrition, and finally gratitude, the Saviour was made glad. When His eye swept over the throng of listeners, and He recognized among them the faces He had before seen, His countenance lighted up with joy. He saw in them hopeful subjects for His kingdom. When the truth, plainly spoken, touched some cherished idol, He marked the change of countenance, the cold, forbidding look, which told that the light was unwelcome. When He saw men refuse the message of peace, His heart was pierced to the very depths.—The Desire of Ages, 254, 255 (1898).

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