Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 345

for selfish gratifications. All this is embezzling the Lord's goods, using to please self that means that is wholly His and which should be devoted to His service.—Letter 42a, 1893.

Serviceable Christians—The work of the ambassadors for Christ is far greater and more responsible than many dream of. They should not be at all satisfied with their success until they can, by their earnest labors and the blessing of God, present to Him serviceable Christians, who have a true sense of their responsibility, and will do their appointed work. The proper labor and instruction will result in bringing into working order those men and women whose characters are strong, and their convictions so firm that nothing of a selfish character is permitted to hinder them in their work, to lessen their faith, or to deter them from duty.—Testimonies For The Church 4:398, 399 (1880).

Pastoral Evangelism

Looking After New Believers—When men and women accept the truth, we are not to go away and leave them and have no further burden for them. They are to be looked after. They are to be carried as a burden upon the soul, and we must watch over them as stewards who must render an account. Then as you speak to the people, give to every man his portion of meat in due season, but you want to be in that position where you can give this food.—Manuscript 13, 1888.

Feed My Lambs—The Lord Jesus said to Peter, “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”; and after His resurrection, just before His ascension, He said to His disciple, “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest

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