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Evangelism, Page 367

judgment, and lead to wrongdoing. But that which is most to be lamented is that the young converts will be hurt by this influence, and their confidence in the cause of God shaken. Let us pray that when the time shall come to act we may be ready.—Letter 16, 1907. Ev 366.4

Reclaiming Backsliders

Guard Against Apostasy—Care should be exercised to educate the young converts. They are not to be left to themselves, to be led away by false presentations, to walk in a false way. Let the watchmen be constantly on guard, lest souls shall be beguiled by soft words and fair speech and sophistry. Teach faithfully all that Christ has commanded. Everyone who receives Christ is to be trained to act some part in the great work to be accomplished in our world.—Letter 279, 1905. Ev 367.1

Cause for Backsliding by New Members—Upon all new converts should be impressed the truth that abiding knowledge can be gained only by earnest labor and persevering study. As a rule, those who are converted to the truth we preach have not previously been diligent students of the Scriptures; for in the popular churches there is little real study of the Word of God. The people look to the ministers to search the Scriptures for them and to explain what they teach. Ev 367.2

Many accept the truth without digging down deep to understand its foundation principles; and when it is opposed, they forget the arguments and evidences that sustain it. They have been led to believe the truth, but have not been fully instructed as to what truth is, or carried forward from point to point in the knowledge of Christ. Too often their piety Ev 367.3

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