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Evangelism, Page 425

across long-cherished desires and confirmed habits. They are convicted, and then it is that they specially need your counsel, encouragement, and prayer. Many a precious soul balances for a time, and then takes his position on the side of error, because he does not have this personal effort at the right time.—Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, 148 (1886).

Working the Australasian Cities

Many Souls From Sydney—There is a work to do all over the world, and as we near the time of the end, the Lord will impress many minds to engage in this work. If you are able to use your influence in setting in operation the work that needs to be done in Sydney, many souls will be saved who have never yet heard the truth. The cities are to be worked. The saving power of God is to go forth through them as a lamp that burneth.—Letter 79, 1905.

Opportune Evangelism in Sydney—There is now a more decided work to be done in Sydney and the vicinity. All the suburbs are in a better condition to be worked than at any former period, and the advantages now presented in doing medical missionary work need more calculation and experience brought into the management of the work....

There are many branches that will grow out of the plant now made in Sydney, and every line of work needs experienced managers, that part may unite with part, making a harmonious whole.—Letter 63a, 1898.

Promises More in Some Lands—The medical missionary work promises to do more in Australia than it has in America to open the way for the truth to gain access to the people. May the Lord's people now heed the invitations of God's opening providence,

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