Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 433

done before. For years I have been shown that house-to-house labor is the work that will make the preaching of the word a success. If those interested are not visited by our workers, other ministers get upon their tracks and confuse them by misquoting and wresting the Scriptures. These people are not familiar with the Word; they think that their ministers must be true and unprejudiced men, and they give up their convictions. But if our workers can visit those interested, to explain the Word of truth to them more fully, revealing the truth in contrast to error, they will become established.

Had this work been done earnestly and vigilantly, had the workers perseveringly watched for souls as they that must give an account, many more sheaves would have been the fruit of the seed sown at our camp meetings.

This work has also been carried on in _____. There are now no less than fifty new Sabbathkeepers as the result of this personal labor, this hunting for souls. Unless the workers appointed by God do the most interested hunting for lost sheep, Satan will succeed in his work of destroying, and souls will be lost that might have been found and restored.—Letter 18, 1898.

Some Not Reached by the Public Effort—In large cities there are certain classes that cannot be reached by public meetings. These must be searched out as the shepherd searches for his lost sheep. Diligent, personal effort must be put forth in their behalf.—Gospel Workers, 364 (1915).

To Those Who Will Not Come to the Feast—If they will not come to the gospel feast to which the call of Christ invites them, then God's messengers must accommodate themselves to the circumstances and

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