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Evangelism, Page 439

our fellow men, the greater good will be accomplished.... You must come close to those for whom you labor, that they may not only hear your voice, but shake your hand, learn your principles, and realize your sympathy.—The Review and Herald, December 8, 1885.

Teaching Healthful Living by Personal Work—No teacher of truth should feel that his education is completed till he has studied the laws of health and knows the bearing of right practices on the spiritual life. He should be qualified to speak to the people intelligently in regard to these things, and to set them an example that will give force to his words. The teaching of correct habits is a part of the work of the gospel minister, and the minister will find many opportunities of instructing those with whom he comes in contact.

As he visits from house to house he should seek to understand the needs of the people, presenting right principles and giving instruction as to what is for their best good. To those who have a meager diet he should suggest additions, and to those who live extravagantly, who load their tables with unnecessary and hurtful dishes, rich cakes, pastry, and condiments, he should present the diet that is essential for health and conducive to spirituality.—Letter 19, 1892.

Ministers Giving Bible Readings

Short Talks—More Bible Readings—Avoid lengthy sermons. The people cannot retain one half of the discourses which they hear. Give short talks and more Bible readings. This is the time to make every point as plain as mileposts.—Letter 102a, 1897.

Not to Be Shifted to Helpers—We must embrace every opportunity to put forth personal labor. The

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