Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 461

necessary, talk with you in regard to it, without any appearance of evil.

You do not seem to realize that your course in this matter is exerting a wrong influence. Be guarded in your words and actions.—Letter 164, 1902.

A Grand Work in Which Heaven Unites—The work you are doing [Addressed to a woman of broad public experience who had joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.—Compilers.] To help our sisters feel their individual accountability to God is a good and necessary work. Long has it been neglected. But when this work is laid out in clear, simple, definite lines, we may expect that home duties, instead of being neglected, will be done much more intelligently. The lord would have us ever to urge the worth of the human soul upon those who do not understand its value.

If we can arrange to have regular, organized companies instructed intelligently in regard to the part they should act as servants of the Master, our churches will have a life and vitality that they have long needed. The excellency of the soul Christ has saved will be appreciated. Our sisters generally have a hard time with their increasing families and their unappreciated trials. I have so longed for women who could be educated to help our sisters rise from their discouragement and feel that they could do a work for the Lord. This is bringing rays of sunshine into their own lives, which are reflected into the hearts of others. God will bless you and all who unite with you in this grand work.—Letter 54, 1899.

Searching for the Lost

Bible Carried to Every Man's Door—The Bible is unchained. It can be carried to every man's door, and

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